Friday, April 24, 2009

Now I Know!!

Have you ever watched a mystery or scary movie and because someone hears a noise in the basement they open the basement door and go down into the dark without telling or calling anyone? Or if it's outside and they hear a rustling in the woods they go to see what was causing it? How about on the news covering a story about flooded roads and you see the one idiot who thought their car would float on water? And you sit there and think about how stupid can people be?

If you hear something in the basement, get out of the house. If you hear rustling in the woods, run! If you see a flooded area, back up! I mean, come on!!

However I now know how these things can happen. Yes, I am not dumb but I am guilty of stupidity.

The other day I was off on a road trip for my job. I basically have to travel across and up the state of NJ to go from Vineland to Medford Lakes. Believe it or not NJ still has a lot of open land and of course our famous Pine Barrens. Because I am one who can get lost in our neighborhood let alone traveling 70 some miles into the wilderness, my husband bought me a GDS oh no, a GPS. Here's my GPS:

I love it! It can do so many things that I don't know how to do or get it to do. I can enter the address and select whether I want to take expressways, the fastest way or the shortest route. For this road trip I selected the shortest route.

I was doing fine at the beginning as I could recognize some of the areas I was traveling through. I went past my son's apartment complex, past the school where my daughter teaches, and then past the school where I used to work. From there though I really needed the GPS.

As you can see above the little thingy wanted me to be on this Jackson Rd. If you live in NJ you know there can be a million roads of the same name. Not me, and I've lived here all my life. Jackson road sounded familiar but it was a little, little side road off a main road and nothing to say this is Jackson Rd. In my mind I did question the turn but the devil made me go ahead and turn.

Initially it wasn't bad and it was a 5 mile jog to my next turn. The rain from the previous two days and early morning was still obvious by the wet road and gray skies but it was a beautiful tree lined typical pine barren road. A couple of houses had sprouted up. I figured I was in Atco getting ready to enter Medford. I think.

Anyhow, I was beebopping along when the road suddenly narrowed and turned into a dirt road. Hmmm... It was muddy but not that deep mud that I could get stuck in. I actually stopped and thought. Yes, at times I do stop and think. Here's my rationale for continuing.

First my GPS told me to go this way. God forbid I would have to backtrack because I was cutting the meeting close at this point. Second, as I said the road looked solid and even though muddy, it was passable. Third, I thought it might just be a short section being re-paved. Fourth, if it got too bad I'd turn around, call the school and just let them know I'd be a bit late.

So I continued. If you check the GPS above you'll see I started becoming concerned about a half mile in. The first mile being the paved road. I could feel the closeness of the pine trees and the thickness of the underbrush. It was so quiet and peaceful. It was the wilderness, only me, my car and whatever was in the woods.

Now I stopped and re-thought my rationale for entering what could be my demise. OK, I'm in an area where I'm sure Verizon isn't going to hear me now. I have plenty of gas and the road still looks passable. Time is not on my side. So forward!

As I proceeded I took more interest in the beauty of the area, always hoping the Jersey Devil wasn't going to pop out on me. I have a very vivid imagination.

Due to the conditions of the road I drove slowly and came upon a tree that had broken off at it's base and fallen. I wondered if it had made any noise when it fell. After all if no one is there to hear it... Then I wondered how did it just break at it's base and fall. It's possible there was a lightning strike. Or maybe a bear climbed up to the top and because of it's weight the tree broke?

Silenced Tree Print print
Silenced Tree Print by Firecrackinmama

I continued a bit farther down the road when I came across a lake that seemed to be on both sides of the road.

I was glad it wasn't raining at this point because I was sure the water could cover the road. My imagination was let loose again. I could see my car sunk in that lake out in the middle of nowhere, never to be found. I drove on.

Now I came upon the greatest challenge of this road trip.

I just started laughing like the GPS was. The arrow still said to go straight. Hmmm...

Guess which road I took. Obviously I chose the right one because I'm here writing this Blog. Life is making choices. I still live by my own code: Don't just live life, make your life.

I arrived at my meeting on time believe it or not. Of course we started off with a bit of humor about my trip. The administrator laughed and commented about knowing the dirt road and matter of factly stated that GPS don't indicate it's a dirt road. No joke, Sherlock.

The parents laughed because they've been to this school multiple times and are from Vineland. They asked me why I didn't come the way they did. I've been to the school multiple times too but it's nestled deep in Medford Lakes where Indian trails lead to it's front door. I trusted my GPS as I had gotten lost previous times using MapQuest. It's hard to look at a paper map when driving or even if I pulled over.

At any rate the parents offered to guide me out and put me on the main road back to Vineland. I was very grateful as the rains had returned and if I had gone back the way I came, I probably wouldn't be sitting here today.

Have a Firecrackin good day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's A Mother To Do?

With Mother's Day coming up shortly I have to think back about, and self evaluate, myself as a mother. That may not be a good idea as I am definitely an "accidental mother". There was no planned parenting in our house. I guess that kind of goes with my nickname Firecrackinmama which my youngest daughter ordained me.

There have certainly been some ups and downs and goods and bads but I hope overall my kids see me as more on the goods then on the bads. Like a typical mom I drive them nuts and can be over protective. Heck, they are all grown up and I'm still checking on them, not to be nibby but just out of habit.

My husband and I are extremely lucky as we have 3 wonderful kids and there isn't anything we wouldn't do to protect them. They all have nice jobs, are loving and keep tabs on us. We truly enjoy vacationing together, as in our next cruise this summer.

Twenty-six years ago we moved into our home. I'm wondering where the time has gone but I'm not wishing to re-live it either. I remember my mother always wishing she was living in a previous time of her life. Nope living in the past is not for me however remembering the past is great!

Amazingly enough when we moved into our present house many of the families living in the development were around our age with kids approximately the same age as ours. So there were always a number of kids around. We did the traditional things like joining a swim club, participating in community and school sports and I of course was active with the Brownies and Parents Teacher Association.

During the summer however I don't remember anyone sending their kids off to a day camp or anything like that. Most families belonged to our rival swim club so my kids and a few others would be left with not too much to do. Now that just can't be because when kids have nothing to do it leads to trouble.

We also always hosted the special holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. If we could come up with any excuse for a party in between we would celebrate. So we had to make sure there were plenty of games and activities. Normally there was the good old badminton, horse shoes and croquet. Sometimes there were water balloons, water pistols, and the traditional games until...

We went to Disney World in 1989. That was the year after I had had back surgery. It was a big deal to all of us and we spared no expense. We purchased the full package that included all our meals, a stay at the Polynesian Hotel, and entrance into both Disney World and Universal. I remember the kids having lobster for dinner! It was an absolutely wonderful trip. I can still smell the jasmine, the soft glow of lights and feel the warm breeze of the evening. But most of all I remember the wonderful Mother's Day breakfast we enjoyed before leaving. I don't know how much they remember.

However that was in the Spring and of course it meant the summer was going to be long and without any vacation other then day trips. We live only 60 miles from the shore so that's what we did. There's nothing like having an aunt own a house only two blocks from the most beautiful beach in Ocean City, NJ. She enjoyed seeing us as much as we enjoyed seeing her. We would spend the day on the beach, go back and clean up and then head for the boardwalk. Somehow we always ended up playing a game of miniature golf.

In the old days BC (before children) my husband and I enjoyed playing the 3 par golf course not to far from us. So where is this all leading?

It's leading to another one of those brainstorms I had. We have a nice size backyard and in those days the grass was pretty good. We had a female yellow lab though that left brown spots. That didn't matter to me as they would just be another obstacle on the 3 par golf course that I was going to design and build, and I did.

I went to a local golf store and purchased the hole cups, the flags and different color balls. We had a couple of putters from my husband's golfing days and my mother's golfing days. Yes, she and the "Merry Widows" took golf lessons and would go out on ladies' day.

Then I drew the design, cut the grass to make the fairways and greens.

The first hole is to the right. It was a straight shot with the yellow pool as a water trap. The second hole seen below started right past the first green and was a dog leg. If you look closely it had not only a water trap but a sand trap as well. And of course you can see the left-over swing set and garden being problematic.

The third hole started to the left above and went uphill to the front of the "club house" as seen below. :)

The last hole was where the chipping basket is to the right of the tree. Just like in miniature golf once you chipped the ball in you were finished. I have to tell you a good story about that famous hole. The golfers in the neighborhood had to test out our practice course. They figured if they could do well here, they would be excellent anywhere else.

One day I had gone to work, the kids were in school and of course my husband was at work too. Anyhow, and this happened more then once, I came home from work and what should I find but the basket full of beer cans. Yep, they let me know they had been there and conquered the course!

This is a better shot of the the last chipping hole.

I even made score cards.

Oops water trap! No! Don't try to hit it out! Call...

Wonder Dog!

Have to confess she didn't get the ball. Instead she played in the water trap which was actually her pool.

Sometime I'll tell you the story of the time we played a night game of golf with Tiki candles. That's a great story!

Golf always intrigued me. Perhaps it's because I started working at the age of 8 selling cakes my mother made and then at the age of 12 I started to work at the local golf course. They originally started me on the 9th hole stand selling root beer, hot dogs and chips. Eventually the golf pro asked if I wanted to learn how to play and of course I did.

The following are for those golf mother's, golf widows, or whoever else might enjoy them. You can easily customize the shirts by clicking on the "customize" tab on the right. Choose from a variety of styles, color and sizes for men, women and children.

This is one of my favorites. As with each tee you can easily change, delete and/or add text, remove the images and insert yours or just leave them as they are.

After 18 holes of golf the next item looks pretty good!

Definitely need something to protect your eyes and head while out on the course. How about this?

I've always noticed how well dressed golfer are and this would be perfect.

There are so many neat items available for any occasion but golf is definitely a pastime for both men and women which means great gifts for both Mother's Day and Father's Day!

I'll leave you with these ideas but if you want more just click on my card below and have some Firecrackin Fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogger Block

I'm not sure if I'm suffering from "Blogger Block" or I just have too many things I want to talk about. It's already April 17, 2009 and Spring is springing. Today is going to be one of those days you wish you could put in a bottle and release on a day like we had this past Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter. Or one of those days you wish you could play "hooky" from work, but you can't.

Since it is the middle of April I have to start thinking about early May for two reasons: my mother's birthday, she'll be 89, and of course Mother's Day. In years past her birthday has actually fallen on Mother's Day, not this year though. Last year I thought it would be neat to buy her a digital camera and one of those digital picture frames. We managed to load pictures on the frame but she doesn't know how to, or rather remember, how to operate the frame. As for the camera, I've tried several times to show her how easy it is to use to no avail. So I've been using it.

This year I'm ahead of the game but I need to start working on her gift now. In previous Blogs I've mentioned that I printed out three book albums of my brother and me bound in hard back covers. For her birthday and mother's day this year I plan to print out her favorite time of her life, travels with my father during WWII. OK, so that's taken care of and I can move on to the next thing I've been thinking of sharing.

Basically fathers are often left to the buying of gifts for mothers that are given under their children's names. This can be a really difficult task but I'm here to share an easy way for Dad's or others to give a gift from the heart this Mother's Day or any special day.

Simply find a drawing or have the child make a drawing for Mom. Digitize it and follow the simple directions given to make almost anything. Here are some items that would more then likely be truly appreciated by Mom, Grandma, Mom Mom, etc.

To go along with the gift don't forget a card!

Create Your Own Gifts card
Create Your Own Gifts by Firecrackinmama

Each item has a nice selection of size, colors and styles. Part of the fun in designing your own is seeing how an image looks on various products. Oh, and don't forget to use the text tool to add your own personalized message.

For ideas be sure to check out my Firecrackinmama Zazzle's Mother's Day gifts. For a full selection of ideas for any occasion just click on the card below!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love Me, Love My Country!

I was going through my images today and noticed all the wonderful things that make me happy that I live in the good old U.S.A. My family has always been very patriotic with my father, grandfather and ancestors fighting in wars to keep what our forefathers so gallantly designed and gave us. So on this very special day of worship I thought I'd try and contribute to preserving this American right.

I don't like politics, been there and done that on a small scale. However it is a necessity of life and survival. Unless you've been sleeping for over a year, or you haven't watched the news, you are well aware of the financial strife that has hit this country and the stimulus packages that have been promoted and sold. My question is who bought?

The news has offered that many Chinese are buying real estate. I'm sure if I dug further I'd find what other countries have bought what. What happens when other countries own more of the USA than Americans? And what happens if they should cash in? Maybe I don't understand all this and it's a figment of my imagination. I do know one thing though, we as individuals can help our country by buying U.S. Savings Bonds.

Love Me, Love My Country!

Today I am officially starting my Firecrackin promotion for buying "Save Our Country, Buy US Savings Bonds"!

The first word that I ever learned how to spell was "Philadelphia". I can remember my father quizzing me on it until I got it right. Why? Because back then Billy Penn was the highest structure in the city and became an American icon of freedom.

We love to visit historical places. Naturally living so close to Philadelphia we've visited the many historical sites such as the Constitution Center, Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house and of course The Franklin Home. Then what eventually became a tradition, we visited Williamsburg almost on a yearly basis.

Our last visit to Williamsburg was one of the most enjoyable. You can read about it in my Blog Firecrackinmama's World: Ghosts of the Revolution

Using images from both Philadelphia and Williamsburg I put this print together.

Don't Lose Buy Print print
Don't Lose Buy Print by Firecrackinmama

What has really led me to starting this promotion is my love for playing the lottery. Atlantic City is only 60 miles from us and a fast way to lose $20.00 in 5 minutes. Therefore I decided not to waste gas to lose money instead I'd stop at my local card shop and buy lottery tickets. I like the scratch offs. I never get anything on those jackpot thingys. Anyhow after purchasing $20.00 of scratch offs and noticing that I only made fifty cents on the dollar or less, I decided that I should change my gambling habits to a much surer way of winning.

That was fun to make.

Evidently some gambling runs in my blood. My mother keeps telling me of how my great grandmother who was dying of cancer would ask my father to run to wherever to place her bets on the horses. My mother told me she was pretty lucky!

However neither of my grandmothers were gamblers. They always played safe.

I remember when I was young my one grandmother bought my brother and I a US Savings Bond as a gift for every one of our birthdays. Now as a kid that was like where's my gift? You know what I did with those bonds? Yep, put them towards my college education.

My other grandmother was not as well to do, but you know what she did? She put a nickel in a metal replica of our bank each and every day of our lives. I remember going up to her apartment and putting it in. She lived right up the street from us. And when we graduated from high school she gave us the savings book. Wow!!

So the next time you have to buy someone a gift for, a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, retirement or whatever, and you don't know what to get them, buy them a U.S. Savings Bond. I am.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living on the Edge

If you are a risk taker you'll know what I mean by "Living on the Edge". Sometimes your choices seem like they are compulsive, and they are, while other times you do take a few minutes, hours or days to think before you act.

I wrote a Blog a few weeks ago, Firecrackinmama's World: It's Your Duty! which focused on buying US Savings Bonds. It seems as though Washington has caught onto it now and they're promoting that everyone should take a renewed interest in buying them once more. I don't know how much risk taking there is in that idea as you would be purchasing a small bit of the US. God knows how much other countries own. I know we are doing everything we can to help stimulate the economy.

Last night we, my husband and I, made a "Living on the Edge" decision, we refinanced our house for thirty more years. It won't be paid off until 2039. There's a very slim chance we'll even still have the house then as we'll be looking at the world from the roots up. However the benefits are going to be great! You'll be hearing more about our remodeling within the next few months.

We've made numerous "on the edge" decisions throughout our 36 years of marriage, including getting married. The most impactful have been our employment philosophies, if you don't like your work then move on, and we have. At times it's been extremely stressful while other times very beneficial.

During the beneficial times we took the kids on some great trips and didn't spare expenses. My mother and my husband's parents always traveled in style so I guess that was passed on to us. All I know is that we all have great memories of those times. We still did vacation during the stressful times. Usually we went to the shore for a couple of weeks or down to Williamsburg. Great memories then too.

When the kids were 8, 10, and 12 we took them to Disney World. I remember I set the dinner table with personal eloquent invitations next to their plates and Disney mugs with a Disney balloon tied to the handles which seemed to put the proverbial "icing on the cake". They were so excited that they didn't sleep that night. It was a fabulous trip. That was the first and only time my husband and I have been there. The kids, well they've been there a few more times.

I wish I had been involved with my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle back then. I would have bought each of them the following with their names on them.

Zazzle and Disney have some sort of partnership where you can personalize items. You can check it out here:

I think one of my most recent "on the edge" decisions was back in January 2005. My daughter and her friends were planning another cruise. My husband and I had never been on one. I was the reason, always thought I was reincarnated from the Titanic. For some odd reason I truly respect the ocean and want nothing to do with what's underneath the surface.

Anyhow, she was on the phone with her friend and paused to ask us if we wanted to go. Talk about a compulsive decision, we said yes. As a matter of fact we said we'd take our youngest as a graduation gift. She jumped at it.

Believe me I was full of anxiety for seven months but I went. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale and took the bus over to Miami. All I can say now is that I'm a cruiser. It was a wonderful trip! A floating hotel complete with full service and fun. The following is an image as we left the ship for our first excursion in Belize. Here we were sitting in the middle of an ocean and they wanted us to get off this huge boat and get on a smaller one! Oh yeah.

Our second cruise was in 2007 and now our third is 91 days away!! I can't wait.

Ever since I saw the movie Swiss Family Robinson, I've wanted to live on a tropical island. Of course since then I have learned that not all islands are as beautiful as the one in which they were stranded. To this day I love to watch that movie. One of Disney's greatest. I hear they have tried to make a re-make. No way will it ever be as good as the original. Oh, and by the way if you have never red the book, you should do so. As usual it was better then the movie.

Since I can't live on an island my next best thing is to enjoy all the images we have taken and those shared with me by my niece and nephew-in-law when they were on their honeymoon in Hawaii. That's another dream not to far away, cruising from CA to Hawaii and back.

Beautiful images should be available for all to enjoy in various ways. Therefore I opened my Firecrackinmama's Tropics about a year ago. I really need to get in there and update it with more beautiful gifts, tees, and office items. Even with what I have posted, I've sold quite a few things to people from all over the world. I'm glad they enjoy the same beauty as me.

To end this particular "on the edge" theme, I have to share the most recent designs I've taken a chance on. I consider this time of year a down time as so many people are outside enjoying the beginning of Spring. So I've taken advantage of this and have focused on making new designs through experimentation with various art programs I have. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

I had a lot of fun working with flowers. I found a cluster of orange lilies last year and shot them from various angles. This card is really thinking out of the box.

However I really like the next few things.

Orange Lilies 3D Mom Travel Mug mug
Orange Lilies 3D Mom Travel Mug by Firecrackinmama

I've used various clusters of flowers in the same manner. If you're interested go ahead and visit my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle and the Mother's Day link listed in the left hand menu.

Well, I'm off to my hairdresser's appointment. Believe me that's always "on the edge" as I never know how it's going to turn out.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Road Rant

With my job I'm on the road quite a bit. I maintain the speed limit and sometimes a bit more. On the freeways I move with the traffic staying in the right lane and passing in the left. However I've noticed that it doesn't matter if I'm traveling through city streets, back roads or on the freeway, someone wants to redesign the back of my car.

Now my kids will tell you that I'm very sociable and they are always getting on me because I'll talk to anyone. We may be standing in line, riding on a bus or plane or even shopping when I'll meet someone new and have a short discussion on a mutual topic. I like people but not obnoxious drivers who are dying to meet me by redesigning my rear bumper.

One day while on the freeway I took a picture of a school bus passing me at 80 mph and a landscape truck that came up behind me and wanted to make me part of the road. I mean he couldn't get much closer and I was already exceeding the speed limit by quite a bit so I could pull over and let him go on his merry way. As I pulled over he proceeded to do the same thing to the car in front of him again and again.

Other times I'll find a lot of young mothers with kids in their SUVs that want to meet me as well. I'm much older now maybe they want some advice about raising a family that I must exude through my silver Saturn Ion. Other times it's some guy in his big truck or SUV that obviously can't see my car. I must sometimes run in stealth mode without knowing it or perhaps they see my beautiful face in my rear view mirrors and want a date or something. I don't know.

I often wonder where are the police when you need them. Now after being on the road so much I know. They are on my rear bumper too in an effort to get nowhere fast. They'll come out of nowhere and, Boom, there they are inches from me. I press on my gas pedal watching for them to turn on their lights as my car goes faster and faster in order to pull over into the right lane and let them by. Once they are clear of my rear bumper they are off! I think, yea, they're going to get that guy up there that wanted to change my life forever. Not.

Then when all hope is gone, a silver mean looking car goes whizzing by me. I think, another jerk. But, no, not this time. It's a knight in a silver car with flashing red lights pulling over the the guy who was trying to change my life forever. Oh, I love those unmarked cars!

And what happens to those other police cars? Ha! They lie in wait off to the side of the road, some days, ready to pounce like a cat on those unsuspecting speeders that are radar equipped and never caught. Have you ever noticed that those cars that aren't speeding slow down even more? What is with that?

Anyhow this past weekend I decided to take action. Yep, you can't let these things build up inside of you. I designed bumper stickers and had a lot of fun doing them.

I made this one first because I do trial exhibits for a law firm specializing in personal injury. Many involve automobile accidents. I'd refer anyone to them.

Then I thought that many of those drivers who want to meet me might not be smart enough to understand my meaning of the above so I did this one.

One of the other problems I find on our freeways here in NJ is that drivers don't use cruise control or each car maker has their cruise controls calibrated differently. Obviously you wouldn't use cruise control in wet weather but, hey, things would surely move much smoother if everyone did use it. I mean most women use birth control and most often then not it works. So why not use cruise control.

I tried to be positive about why some drivers are in a hurry. You know I hate to be late but any more I just can not move fast. So I try to give myself more time to get to places. I think if I can do that so can others.

My favorite though is the next one. I would love to install a camera in my license plate and take pictures of those who think it's a magnet drawing them into my bumper.

There were quite a few good ones I looked through before doing mine. I had some good laughs and others were disgusting.

I FAILED MY DRIVING TEST 7 TIMES , BACK OFF OR ... by nightmare7darkangel

Well, I have to go to work now. I'll be buckling up in my Silver Saturn Ion and hitting the freeway. It's raining today so I'll just coast along in the right hand lane and ease on down the road hoping that no one really wants to meet me through the back of my car.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day everyone and thanks for reading my rant if you did.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Thinking Green!

Anymore when you say "think green" people are thinking of money and wishing they had some. However Earth Day is April 22 and I'm thinking earth green.

In another life time we didn't have any money so we had to find things to keep us busy while having fun. We didn't have computers but we did have limited TV shows, in black and white. We had the dial telephones and just yelled across the yards when the phones weren't available. I still find myself yelling across the yard to my neighbors. Guess you can't break old habits.

We also had two sets of clothing back then. The clothes you wore to school and the hand-me-downs that you changed into to go out and play. I've never liked dress clothes. I guess I associate all the fun I had in my play clothes with dressing down. A psychological thingy.

Anyhow, some of the most memorable times were spent next door in my now sister-in-law's yard. It seems to me that every Sunday all the neighborhood kids would gather in her yard for our own barbecue. We dug a hole, threw in some grass with small pieces of wood and started our fire. Then we'd all bring our food over and cook it. My friend Nicky would bring the most unusual concoctions and throw them all together in a pot, cook it and actually ate whatever it was. You would have thought he knew better as his mother was the best Italian cook ever.

Every year we would all get together and have our own neighborhood Olympics. Prior to the event we made our metals and afterward gave them out in a special ceremony.

The Contestants

It was a great time in my life. However even before those times my other neighbor, who was a few years older then me, was just as creative. Every year our grade school, which was just around the block, always had "May Day". It was a great celebration put together by the then PTA.

So not to be out done by the school that neighbor decided we should have our own "Neighborhood May Day" full with a king and queen.

Well, the King wasn't so happy to be a part of it. We must have bribed him with something to get him to agree.

Nowadays people have above ground pools if they don't have an in ground pool or belong to a swim club. My sister-in-law's family belonged to a swim club. We didn't have enough money to but I think we had just as much fun. Here's our above ground pool.

Things seem to have been much better back then. There weren't as many houses. Families lived together and learned how to tolerate the multiple generations within one home. There weren't as many cars, roads or as much noise as there is today. I miss Mother Earth from those days.

I'm not the only one but this newest generation doesn't know what they are missing out on because they've never experienced it. So I've joined the cause for Earth Day by creating some t-shirts to encourage others to stop and think. I can assure you I could do a much better job at saving the earth and probably will as years go by.

Here are some incentives to remind us to protect our earth "Think Green!"

This is my favorite so far. There has been no manipulation with the image other then adding text. We were at Riverwinds in West Deptford at sunset and I took advantage of the moment to photograph Philadelphia across the Delaware River.

Think Green T-Shirt shirt
Think Green T-Shirt by Firecrackinmama

I always loved this image. I was out shooting pictures during a memorial golf tournament for a local young man who was a victim of 9/11. As I was riding by on the golf cart this guy was yelling to us. He is really in a deep sand trap! At any rate I thought this tee has a double meaning: think green for encouragement to reach the putting green; and think green to preserve golf courses.

The last one I've done for now is of Costa Rica. Those rain forests are extremely important and we are destroying them. I think I should have put this image on a baby and labeled it "Save Some Green For Me". Yep, I think I'll do that.

I just love this baby model.

Well, everyone have a Firecrackin great Friday!