Friday, March 6, 2009


Most businesses' lifelines are referrals. As a matter of fact getting a job is usually the result of a referral. After all how many times a day do you recommend something to someone? Better yet how many actually take you up on your recommendation?

To be honest you can either take my recommendation or leave them and for that matter the same goes for a referral. If someone doesn't want to contact someone I referred so be it - that's their loss because I don't often refer anyone to anywhere. Been there, done that and got stung. With that out of the way let's move on.

The other day, for the first time in a ton of months, I received referral fees at my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle. Now many would think I was happy to receive the little extra cash that yields but actually I love to get referrals to see what others buy. Evidently the person who made these multiple purchases was a cat lover and he/she has really good taste. So I'm definitely going to share.

Now isn't that cute! I never saw it before but I'll remember it now. Here are a few more.

The person purchased many more items and I really appreciated it as much as those gallery owners who received their royalties.

I have some other recommendations too. I was outside one day and happened to notice our cat hunting a little chipmunk. In one of my other Blogs I told the story of the time the chipmunk chased the cat up a tree. This time it looks as though he has things under control - Not!

The cat was looking back at his buddy from across the street who was coming to help. Good thing too as the chipmunk took advantage of the distraction and ran like hell to the neighbor's bushes. I took a load of pictures of the two cats trying to find the chipmunk again. Lucky chipmunk lived to run another day! We often wonder if it was the same one that had chased the cat up the tree.

We have two more cats that have moved in with us so you'll be seeing them on some items coming up too.

Say hi to Pumpkin

and her buddy, Larry.

I'm not a cat lover but these two were rescued by my daughter and have very sweet personalities. Pumpkin loves my husband and spends her day lying in front of his keyboard agitating his allergies.

Larry is a piece of work. He has taken a liking to our cat and wants to really be friendly with our dog. That's not to be as the dog chases the cats. Hmmm... The funniest thing I've seen with Larry is that he always finds ways to occupy himself. One day I noticed he had one of those stick toys with a feathered thingy on the end. I saw him out of the corner of my eye dragging it down the foyer and up the stairs. I thought it had gotten caught on his claws but quickly found out that it wasn't. Larry picks the toy up and drags it to you to play! The other day he dragged it down the stairs and tried to get our cat to play. When Tigger didn't want to he dragged it back upstairs.

I've gotten to the point that watching the animals can be more entertaining then any TV show.

Well, have a Firecrackin Great Day and keep on Boomin!

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NicoleB said...

I barely ever watch TV.
And yes, animals are more fun ;)

And yes, referrals are fun too, especially when you can see what they bought.

Cheers from your quiet friend in Hungary ;)