Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Oh, what a lift the first day of Spring gives me. I'm not a seasonal person anymore. Maybe it just took all these years for me to recognize that I can't stand the winter gray. I need the sun!! I am so looking forward to opening the windows and letting the warm spring air in.

This would be my contribution to helping the stock market. After all we'll need plenty of tissues, nose spray and over the counter allergy medicine. I used to always hang my clothes outside to dry but the pollen penetrated them and the allergies were awful. Swollen eyes, runny noses and belly deep sneezes are worth the airing out of the house. So an inside trader advice, buy, buy, buy allergy related stock! :)

I rushed Spring a bit when I went on another road trip a couple of days ago. Those of us who live in New Jersey sometimes wonder if there are any rural areas left. When I was little farms surrounded Woodbury and there was open land in places that are now filled with strip malls, housing developments and four lane highways.

So when I get to go on a road trip that takes me through rural areas I'm sure to have my camera. Actually I carry my camera with me all the time. However the day I went was a beautiful sunny day with the temperatures reaching 60 plus degrees. I'd also made this trip once before with my team members but they wouldn't stop to let me take pictures. This day I was by myself!

Just look at this farm.

It was a pretty long ride to my destination but I sure was enjoying it. As I kept going I spotted on the right hand side of the road a herd of cattle soaking up the sun. Wow, all I could imagine was lying in my hammock on a beautiful day soaking up the sun.

A bit farther down the road I came upon a horse farm.

I finally reached my destination but before I pulled in I saw this view that was right across the road from the school I was visiting.

Can you imagine riding the school bus every day and having these views on your way?

Well, I finished evaluating my Autistic young man and headed back to my office. However I had some more fun with my camera.

I was going the speed limit but everyone knows no one does the speed limit. Since I was I had the chance to see this.

I sat on the side of the road just looking at this bull. He continued to stare at me for quite some time. So I finally climbed out of my car, crossed the road and took his picture.

He never moved even when I got back in my car and started off.

I'm unfortunately going to end my beautiful road trip on a rather sad note. When I had traveled this route the last time with my team members, they had told me about how the farmers raise calves to sell as veal. Being a somewhat city slicker, I didn't know that they took the calves and kept them in little huts until they sold them. The huts are not big enough for the calves to do anything by lie in them.

Veal used to be one of my favorite meats to order when we went out to dinner. Not any more. Those are the tiny structures that the calves are kept in until sold.

So hooray for the vegetable farmers! I can't wait for Jersey tomatoes, corn and strawberries. I'm also looking forward to seeing our two farmers down the road manning their produce stand. Here's to their return!

Happy Firecrackin First Day of Spring!!!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

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