Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Can you believe that Easter is only three weeks plus a few days away??? Can you believe that Spring is only a couple of days away??? Yeah!!! Here's another year that is zooming by.

My cousin took the above beautiful picture of this purple Iris for my mother. I played with it a little. I was just amazed at how translucent it was. Eventually I extracted the single Iris and used it on other items. Last night though I was playing with another program and look what happened!

The card can easily be customized for any occasion by adding text to the cover image and a message inside. I thought of using it for Mother's Day, thank you notes, invitations, thinking of you, sympathy, etc.

With that idea of multiple uses for a card I looked for more of my images that would suit the idea.

Two years ago I moved our white Iris from the side of the house to the front because they weren't blooming. Really I didn't know they were white until I moved them and they did bloom. It wasn't the perfect place for them as they grew so big and beautiful that they covered the walkway to the front door.

From this photograph I got:

Yesterday I noticed just how close we are to Spring when I saw that the Crocuses are blooming. They are sprouting up all over our yard. Of course my Mother thought they were beautiful since they are purple!

The temperature yesterday was in the mid sixties and the sun was shining. This is my time of year and my kind of weather!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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