Friday, February 6, 2009

Unconditional Love

With Valentine's Day right around the corner a lot of people have love on their minds. I definitely love my husband, kids, mother and brother and his family. However I have to say that I'm not so sure there is unconditional love involved with any of those relationships. I do know though that I have unconditional love from my extended family.

Springer Unconditional Love Mousepad mousepad
Springer Unconditional Love Mousepad by Firecrackinmama

She is really my husband's dog but he definitely shares her with my mother. Chrys sometimes believes she is human. I can't remember why my mother was eating by herself out on our deck but as you can see Chrys was not going to let her eat by herself.

Everyday I pick my mother up on my way home from work and when we pull in the driveway guess who is at the door ready to greet us? I don't really believe this is my mother any more. When I was growing up she never, never fed the dog from the table. To this day I don't. My Reg wasn't even allowed in the kitchen! Chrys though begs from the table, from my mother specifically, and my mother gives her food!!

Chrys loves the water. We've nicknamed her Scuba Dog. The following picture was taken at RiverWinds in West Deptford, NJ and gives you an idea of how she swims.

Normally she swims in a large kiddy pool we always have set up in the yard during the summer. She absolutely loves the water.
This Isn't in My Job Description magnet
This Isn't in My Job Description by Firecrackinmama

Chrys had a very difficult time getting over the loss of my dog. She was my teddy bear and I could do anything I wanted to her and she wouldn't bite, growl or run.
I Miss You card
I Miss You by Firecrackinmama

Reggie was beautiful. She had permanent make-up and followed me everywhere. When she was a puppy I built a two layered brick wall around all our gardens. Reggie wouldn't leave my side. She had such a wonderful personality and had more ailments then you can believe. She came from a good home and had all her shots in a timely fashion but still contracted Distemper.

We took her to GrayFox Animal Hospital where she received the best help ever. They had taken care of her when she was born so had a vested interest in her welfare. Reggie had the run of the hospital. They told and we later saw for ourselves that she would and could open the doors between the rooms. Later in life she contracted Lyme's disease, had fatty tumors and some other things. She lived to be 16 years old.

One of her outstanding characteristics was that whenever she was able to get loose, she would run back to her birth home which was a couple of blocks away. Reggie had siblings living within our development too. She naturally loved visiting them, running up to little kids to give them a great big lick across their tiny faces and evading us from taking her back home. Usually we didn't know for a while that she was running but when we found out we'd call our friends who sold her to us and sure enough she'd be there.

One of my lasting memories of her was a time we thought she was choking to death on one of those bacon thingy. It was awful. My husband cuddled her while she let me stick my hand down her throat!! I could feel anything and thought for sure we were going to lose her. She never growled or tried to bite me. She even allowed me to open her mouth again and look in. Here the pet bacon strip was trapped sideways in the roof of her mouth between her teeth.
Yellow Lab Mousepad mousepad
Yellow Lab Mousepad by Firecrackinmama

Is she not a beautiful dog??

I have to mention our cat. I've mentioned in past blogs that we originally thought it was a she but quickly found out it was a he.

The Great Hunter mousepad
The Great Hunter by Firecrackinmama

Tigger was a stray before he should have been taken from his mother. Evidently someone dumped him near our Community College. My son found him as a tiny little thing and brought him home. I was not a happy camper but...

Chrys wasn't around then only Reggie and Tigger was looking for a mommy. Reggie was fixed but she was loving towards Tigger. Tigger imprinted off Reggie and to this day he thinks he's a dog. He loves to hunt.

One time he went after a chipmunk like the one above. For all I know it may be the same chipmunk that left us laughing until we had tears in our eyes. For some reason our neighbors were outside and we were talking when all of a sudden we saw Tigger stalking a chipmunk. Oh, he ever so stealthily crouched and pounced. Well, the chipmunk was even quicker. He darted one way and then then the other. Finally the chipmunk had enough and started chasing Tigger! Tigger was so taken back that he ran for the nearest tree and started climbing it. He took one second to look back and then scurried up the tree as fast as he could with the chipmunk right behind him!

Now we have some new live in cats. My daughter moved back here after eight years in LA and brought her pets with her. They are very cute and have sweet personalities.

This is Pumpkin. She is very cautious but content to be in her new home. As you can see she is computer literate and if she is not working on her laptop she is right in front of my husband's monitor helping him.

This is Larry. He, Tigger and Chrys are learning to become friends. So far, so good. Larry is a riot. He is still in his kitten stage and plays with everything.

I'm writing this blog today because these pets have unconditional love without a doubt. I encourage those of you who do have pets and want to remember them, go to Create Your Own Gift and have some memorable fun!

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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