Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twitter Or Facebook?

I'm Twittering and doing Facebook. They're fun, different and and a bit hard for me to understand. Maybe I'm just ISM (Internet Socially Maladjusted).

I'm totally at a loss about Twittering. Everyone seems to be doing it but why?

There was a big article in the newspaper the other night with a picture of people Twittering. I didn't read it. My husband was nearby and I proudly pointed out to him that I Twitter. He chuckled and said he had heard about Twitter but hadn't Twittered himself. He asked what I Twittered and I said I mostly promote my Zazzle items and read other posts.

I have to admit I like reading through the trivial things people post. Like one I read about from sharonfosterart: I just got some heinz 57 sauce out of the 'frig. It expired in 2006. I think I'll not use that. Been there, done that too. I can relate. However if you think that's bad, my daughter and I were at the Acme a couple of weeks ago when a woman selecting a salad dressing noticed that the expiration date on the bottle as over a year ago. How about that one? I should probably respond to Sharon's Twitter, nah.

Another Twitter I follow used to Twitter at least one hundred times an hour. That's all I could see was her Twittering. I'm not the type to turn people off so I just stayed away from Twittering. Haven't seen her lately. Maybe that's why I happened to see Sharon's.

I wanted to see what happened when I Twittered my designs and others' designs that I think are pretty cool. Couldn't tell you. There appears to be no way to track hits - that is I haven't found a way to track hits on my Twitter home. If someone reading this post knows of a way, please feel free to tell me. I'm curious.

As for Facebook, that seems a bit more reasonable. Maybe it's because you can do more than Twitter. I'm a visual person and like to see photos associated with posts. Or maybe I like Facebook better because there's more then just idle chit chat about trivial things.

Whatever the reasons are for people Twittering, I shall continue to Twitter too because it's just the thing to do right now but I like Facebook better.

Here are my Twitters and Facebooks for today.

And of course some humor:

Happy Twittering and Facebooking!

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