Friday, February 27, 2009

I Went To The Bank Yesterday

I didn't go to the type of bank this title may lead you to believe. No, I went to a private day school, Bankbridge Regional High School, to observe one of my students in her vocational class. The high school caters to a variety of disabilities.

Due to her talent and multiple awards for her work she has been voted in as President of the Horticulture Club, I believe that's the name of the organization. At any rate upon my arrival to the class, I learned that they were preparing for a flower show at the Burlington Mall today. Needless to say I was probably in the way but I stayed and took pictures. Imagine most observations are only words on paper. Here's one that is visual.

Normally when you observe, you're not to have contact with whom you are observing. However the kids all know me so that wasn't going to be the case. I sat near the young lady who was busy putting the finishing touches on her two entries: a Mardi Gras arrangement and a St. Patrick Day's arrangement.

She had gotten this far with the Mardi Gras project previous to the day I was there.

And this was where she started on her St. Patrick's arrangement.

I watched her work quickly and confidently selecting and preparing flowers and inserting them in the arrangement. I was most impressed and learned something new about adding rose buds to the Mardi Gras arrangement.

First the green outer leaves were removed and then the outer most petals were taken off leaving a rose bud. Oh, I forgot she plucked the green leaves off the stem and using scissors scraped the thorns off. Before inserting the rose she blew lightly into the center of it. The bud opened just enough to be perfect.

Ok, the image is somewhat blurred but you get the idea.

Here's the finished Mardi Gras:

I love the added masks and beads. I think there still had to be some adjustments to the arrangement as it could only be 22 inches wide and 36" high.

Upon finishing the Mardi Gras arrangement she turned her attention to the St. Patrick's arrangement. Her teacher had suggested adding more flowers which she did.

Again the added ribbon and bow around the base and the little leprechauns and hats put the finishing touches on this arrangement.

I was impressed with her work ethic disposing of flower remnants immediately and keeping her work area clean and organized. As she selected the flowers she noted how many she used for inventory or perhaps show requirements. She would like to work in a floral shop this summer. I hope she finds one as she would certainly be an asset to the shop.

I can't end without showing some of the other works by students. Below is a floral bridal bouquet.

And in progress was this arrangement for the American Heart Association.

I'm sorry I didn't get to see this when it was finished.

I am always amazed when I visit this school. I think this class impresses me the most. Basically because I can't make a floral arrangement to save my life.

I'm anxious to learn whether she won any awards. I'll let you know next week!

Have a Firecrackin great Day!

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