Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Sold A Mug To Someone in Afghanistan!!

Other then having my first sip of coffee in the morning to get a great start to the day, I love getting an e-mail from Firecrackinmamas Zazzle" saying that someone has purchased one of my items.

Last night I made my second overseas sale to someone in Afghanistan! I just hope he or she was able to take advantage of the discount on mugs as they decided to take advantage of creating their travel mug.

You have your choice of silver or white.

One of my favorites is the filmstrip template I made. You can add your image and create a star!

The Director's Travel Mug mug
The Director's Travel Mug

I learned something new with templates. If you add your image and it overlaps the film strip, simply click the down arrow in the image box and it will move the image layer down.

You still have plenty of time to order something special for your Valentine whether he or she is a lover, friend, family or someone you just want to get to know!

There's 10% off mugs that is good through 2/16/09. Just click the banner or one of the samples below:
Zazzle: Valentine's Day Love Mugs - 10% off all mugs. Code: ZAZZLELUVMUG Ends: 2/16/09.

There have been plenty of great mugs to choose from. I was very happy the other night when I sold one of mine:

I had tested it to make sure the image fit just within the heart.

This one is really cute and works.

Wish I could put all three views on it but if you click on the image you can do that yourself!

Now think out of the box for a second. It's not too late to make some really creative Valentine Day's Cards. Just use the chubby business card and add your own image and text!

Here's something I put together real quick as a demo. You can add whatever image and text you want. I've ordered the heavy paper and the quality is outstanding. These are great for kids that want to give them to their friends and of course for teachers who want to give them to their students.

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CrypticFragments said...

awesome! congrats
I love it when people from other countries buy from me, too...I sold some mugs to France at Xmas!
and my Antique Map tie is very popular in Europe also.