Thursday, February 12, 2009

Design? Market? Sell? You Can Do It Too

This time of year is good for learning how to do new designs in my various graphic programs. Fortunately those with the gift of original ideas give tutorials so you can create something that looks close to what it should look like. I'll be checking out my tutorials within the next few weeks but for now, I have become the original designer.

Before work yesterday I took some time to make these items.

Yellow Rose Magnet magnet
Yellow Rose Magnet by Firecrackinmama


Yellow Rose Mug mug
Yellow Rose Mug by Firecrackinmama

Then I thought it would be cool to make a background design for customers to either add to or remove and make their own mugs.

Yellow Disco Background Mug mug
Yellow Disco Background Mug by Firecrackinmama

I'll spend some time playing with some more colors and see how it goes.

Marketing is really time consuming but worth every minute. I've had my website, for a couple of years now. I really need to go in and redesign the site as it is where I direct everyone for all my Firecrackinmamas Zazzle" .

I've been using my Facebook and my Windows Live Firecrackinmama's Space Blog.

One of my better ways of marketing though is via postcards.

Halloween Online Party Invitation Postcard postcard
Halloween Online Party Invitation Postcard by Firecrackinmama

I used this with matching postage for my first Halloween online party. The back has all the information. I found that the print should have been a bit larger and darker but it served it's purpose. I'm in the process of designing and sending another one for Mother's Day.

With the New Year came a new business card. Last year I actually used postcards as business cards and people hung them on their refrigerators. That certainly beats the circular file.

The first batch of cards I made came out great but my website was a little too light. So when Zazzle" offered free business cards to gallery owners, I redesigned that one issue and here's the front of my card! Business Card - Customized profilecard Business Card - Customized by Firecrackinmama

I'm unable to link to the back but it lists all the types of gifts available already designed or create your own.

I still using the ones that didn't turn out like above. You know how you find all those advertisements in your bills and most time throw them out? Well, as I send my remittance in I'm adding my business card. Seems to be working as I think it really surprises the person who opens the envelope. :) :)

Last but not the last I've updated my fashion design. The image online doesn't do it justice. I received my shirt last week and to me it came out very well. Shirt shirt Shirt by Firecrackinmama

Can't be without my cup of Joe:

Firecrackinmama Travel Mug mug
Firecrackinmama Travel Mug by Firecrackinmama

If you're just starting out or have been trying to increase business you can design your own items and have as much fun trying to get ahead as I am.

As for sales, they've been averaging 5 or more per day. I have been truly surprised by some of the items I have sold. Valentine's Day is Saturday so ordering now will be costly. Therefore shoppers are looking for the next big party day, St. Patricks Day"

With that said, I was so excited last night when I got home from work. I may actually see one of my designs around town. Someone from West Deptford bought:

Here are some of my more popular items sold last year:

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