Thursday, January 1, 2009

With The New Year Comes New Hopes

Anyone who has a Blog has to be sure to post on the first day of the New Year! It is however a bit difficult after staying up into the wee hours of the morning. In the old days we could stay up all night celebrating and going over to our neighbor's for an eggs Benedict breakfast. Yum!! Not anymore though.

New hopes... Hmm... Let's see I know the first hope is that my family remains healthy, safe and happy. That's a no brainer. My second hope is that we all keep our jobs, health insurance and the now imaginary retirement plans.

I hope that Barack Obama will bring the change needed and promised. Naturally not everyone will be happy but let's at least hope the majority of people will.

I hope that the world becomes more "green" minded.

I hope our troops come home soon.

I hope elected officials will stop insulting our intelligences thinking we believe their lies.

and I hope people will become more understanding, accepting and nice.

Now for my selfish and self-serving hopes:

I hope I can continue to be successful with my site and my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle Galleries.

I'm planning to once again redo my It's an exercise I do almost routinely. One day maybe I'll get it to where I'm happy. As for the Firecrackinmama's Zazzle Galleries, I'm having a great time creating new designs and putting them on multiple items. Surprise, Surprise! Others like and buy my creations. Some are pretty bizzare too.

I hope I can learn Spanish. My daughter gave me "Spanish Phrase-a-Day 2009 calendar". It started today with a phrase I already know but not only does it give the phrase, an interpretation and an image, but it also provides the pronunciation that I can understand! So I'm really contemplating purchasing Rosetta Stones Spanish and looking into a community adult school that may give a beginners course. I have a lot of trouble twirling the "r"s.

I hope I can lose weight. Never have I weighed so much. After 3 surgeries within 4 years I have gained weight and the latest is that I probably have Osteoporosis. So day 1 I am now officially on my diet. HELP!!! I think I'd better wait until tomorrow: we have wings for the Penn State vs USC game. Although I'm from NJ I'll have to cheer for USC, my youngest daughter's alma mater.

I hope I'll go to the gym regularly - looking into the aquatic classes.

I'm hoping I'll win a big lottery this year so I can first give to my favorite charity - the family- and then to others less fortunate.

I'm hoping I'll get back to my routine 2 mile walks.

And finally I'm hoping that I keep up with Blogging. I now have three Blogs:

Firecrackinmama's Zazzle Blog that provides the latest discounts and ideas for those unique gift giving ideas. Also encourages everyone to "use your photos, don't abuse them" by burying them in drawers, albums or lost files on the computer.

Then I have Firecrackinmama's World of Education Blog - it really needs to be updated. That's definitely a New Year's Resolution.

So for now I'm wishing everyone a Firecrackin Great New Year!

Happy New Years!!!


NicoleB said...

I am with you on mnay things.

No celebration for us this year, we were sick, but like many times before, I don't even care for New Years and a Party.
It just becomes a day for me where someone higher up decided that the New Year starts.
My personal start was at another date ;)

I'm with you on the weight issue. Hope we both get it solved this year.

And don't get me started on the website. Yucks....
I would hire a company to do it, had I any idea of what needs to be there and such.
But I'm not ready, mpf.....
So I keep garbling around myself ;)

Didn't know you have 3 blogs now, wow :D

I finally managed to subscribe to this one without my google reader going on strike half way, gggrr....

Have the greatest of new years and a wonderfully successful 2009!
I am more than glad I met you on zazzle and we managed to "stay in touch" more or less over the last year (or is it already longer than that?) :)

dh4j said...

I hope you get to do those aquatic classes...and my daughter wants the Russian version of the Rosetta Stone. If you get the Spanish one, let me know how you like it...please!

Have a healthy and wonderful 2009 and thanks for the support!