Monday, January 19, 2009

My Two Cents On Change

Tomorrow there will be another historical event to add to my lifetime. I've been around for a long time too. Some days I feel like I'm older than dirt but then that would make my mother older than dust. I thought I might take a few moments to compare the historical events I have witnessed and then add to it the historical events she has witnessed.

I'll obviously have to start with the most recent and move to the oldest. For those of you who may be historians or from my mother's era, I'll have to count on you to provide comments for anything I may miss. Timelines will not be accurate so these events probably won't be in order. And last but not least, I'm listing the MAJOR events. Even I am suffering from some dementia. My mother was born in 1920 as was my father.

Ready, here I go. ( I'm using FactMonster to help me out):

Firecrackinmama & Mom
2009 Obama Inauguration
2003 Iraq
2001 George W. Bush 43rd Presidential Inauguration
1993 Bill Clinton Inaugurated 42nd President
1993 Space Shuttle Columbia explodes
1992 Soviet Union breaks up
1991 Persian Gulf War
1989 President Bush signs legislation to provide for federal bailout of nearly 800 insolvent savings and loan institutions
1989 George H.W. Bush Inauguration 41st President
1987 End of Cold War
1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explodes
1981 Sandra Day O'Connor is sworn in as the first woman Supreme Court justice
1981 Attempted assassination of Reagan
1981 Ronald Reagan Inauguration 40th President
1977 Jimmy Carter Inauguration 39th President
1974 Gerald Ford Inauguration 38th President
1974 House recommends impeachment of Nixon
1973 Spiro Agnew, Vice President, resigns
1972 Watergate
1969 Richard M. Nixon Inauguration 37th President
1969 First man on the moon
1968 Martin Luther King assassination
1968 Robert Kennedy assassination
1963 John F. Kennedy assassination
1964 President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act
1962 Col. John Glenn 1st astronaut to orbit earth
1959 Hawaii becomes the 50th State
1959 Alaska becomes the 49th State
1953 Eisenhower Inauguration 34th President
1951 Constitution limiting Presidents to two terms
1950-53 Korean War


1945 United Nations established
1945 Harry Truman Inauguration 33rd President
1945 FDR dies while in office
1945 End of WWII - First atomic bomb explosion
1941 Pearl Harbor
1935 Social Security Act
1933 Franklin Roosevelt Inauguration 32nd President
1932 First Woman elected to Senate
1932 Amelia Earhart completes first solo nonstop transatlantic flight by a woman
1931 Star Spangled Banner adopted as National Anthem
1929 Herbert Hoover's Inauguration 31st President
1929 The Great Depression
1927 Charles Lindbergh first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in his plane The Spirit of St. Louis
1923 Calvin Coolidge's Inauguration 30th President
1921 Warren Harding's Inauguration 29th President


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your memory is in better shape then mine. :o