Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Time To Get Serious - Day 1

There's always a Day 1 when you get serious about something. The question is will there be a Day 2, 3, 4 ...? In case you are wondering what I am going to get serious about, it's regaining the body I once had or at least coming close.

For the past two years I've used every excuse around to not diet and exercise. You know, like working all day and too tired to walk when I get home. Or I'll walk after I rest a bit but gee it's dark here by 4 o'clock. I'll wait until Spring. Hmmm... Spring rolled around and Wow, I can't walk I have to fetch my mother and bring her down for dinner. I'll join the gym but I never go.

As for dieting, heck I'm getting older and may as well enjoy food now. After all when I'm gone there won't be anything good to eat but dirt. That' s because I plan to be cremated and sprinkled in some unsuspected winery.

All right, I don't know why today has become Day 1 but it has and I think my OCD has kicked in as well. I've been signed up with Weight Watchers Online for 4 months and used it exactly 4 days. So I went back and I'm on points and exercise. I've also bookmarked It should be interesting to see if they have the same calorie counts. And for the ultimate in the face act, I'm using my daily calendar as a food journal as well as keeping track of my activities.

Next the kids have to show me how to use the Wii exercise thing. We have two programs I think. Now for timing of exercising. I shall continue to rise at 4:00 am. Fool around with my Firecrackinmamas Zazzle" stuff and have my coffee. At 5:00/5:15 am it will be Wii time and then get ready for work. At lunch time I plan to either walk with others or use small weights for extremity toning. After work, I'll fetch my mother and instead of getting my daily dose of depression by watching the news, I'll do my routine 2 mile walk. Hope my busted butt lasts.

I've never been a 3 meal a day person but my body is about to experience a traumatic change. I plan to use the new Momentum program with Weight Watchers. I'm full already from my breakfast. I packed my lunch and have planned dinner. I did exercise a bit this morning. Now for the rest of the day.

So stay tuned to see if this new "Get Serious" attitude does have a Day 2, 3, 4, 5... I'll end my Blog each day with an update.

Have a Firecrackin Great Day!!

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