Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News!

Good news - my husband called his business phone from Las Vegas to get his messages this morning at 2:00 am our time - guess all is well.
Bad news - it woke me up and I can't get back to sleep.

Good news - I got up and am cleaning, washing and finishing decorating for Christmas.
Bad news - I still have the upstairs to clean.

Good news - the coffee pot was ready to go - just pushed the button.
Bad news - each cup is getting cold in between my cleaning, washing and finishing the decorations.

Good news - I have my orthopedic doctor's appointment today for my broken Inferior Pubic Ramus aka broken butt.
Bad news - it still hurts like you know what and is hindering my cleaning, washing and finishing the decorations. Stop laughing because until you have a broken butt it will stay cracked - get it?

Good news - all my Zazzle gifts are arriving and so far everything has turned out right. Oh except for the 5x7 calendar cards. Yep the calendars were too small.
Bad news - they're strewn all over the living room and are now part of my cleaning up.

Good news - my daughter, who is coming home to stay after 8 yrs in LA and my husband left LA and are in Las Vega tonight.
Bad news - they are staying at the Bellagio with their room overlooking the fountains on the 22nd floor and where am I? Sitting in front of my computer writing a Blog while cleaning, washing and finishing decorating at 2:00 am in the morning with a broken butt three cats and a dog!

Good news - I just learned from experience that Mr. Clean's magic erasers really work.
Bad news - now I have to clean everything and I mean everything. Tip: buy stock in Mr. Clean!

Good news - tonight is Rum Cake Wednesday! Yep, have to make the rum cakes tonight so my daughter and son can take them to work as their gifts to colleagues while we give to our family, friends and loved ones.
Bad news - I have to go to work tomorrow.

Good news - I'm finally committed to learning Spanish as professional growth for my job so I purchased "Tell Me More Spanish" software levels 1 to 10 - at least that's what I thought it said when I purchased it from Amazon. I read a review that said this software was better then Rosetta Stone's.
Bad news - I returned it to Amazon yesterday. It turns out that "Tell Me More Spanish 10" is just that - level 10. I installed it and couldn't understand a thing they were saying. Off to buy Rosetta Stone's at Barnes and Noble today - 10% discount for members and my membership doesn't run out until January !! Yeah, did something right this time!!!

Good news - all the candy cane mugs I ordered for my Christmas dinner favors arrived and look magnificent if I do say so myself.
Bad news - just recounted in my head how many were going to be at the table and yep, I'm one short. I don't need one.
Candy Cane Green Satin Mug mug
Candy Cane Green Satin Mug by FCM_Christmas

Good news - I received a load of coupons to various stores for great savings on merchandise.
Bad news - I don't have any money so unless the merchandise is free it's no use to me.

Good news - I've managed to read all of last week's daily newspapers. We call it the rag because it's only a few pages but has all the local gossip.
Bad news - I read the obituaries first - must be getting old.

Good news - I have a Christmas song stuck in my head - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
Bad news - does that count as hearing voices?

Good news - I'm going on a major diet!
Bad news - I start now...

Good news - I'm starting another Blog - a Firecrackinmama Thank You for everyone who has purchased from my Firecrackinmama's Zazzle!
Bad news - My customers won't see my gratitude unless they come back.

Good news - I've run out of time to continue.
Bad news - if you continue, you'll have to see my plugs.
Look your best while you bake and cook this holiday season:
Christmas Wreath Apron apron
Christmas Wreath Apron by FCM_Christmas
Make shopping easy with this holiday canvas bag:
Wreath Canvas Bag bag
Wreath Canvas Bag by FCM_Christmas
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Candy Cane Mug mug
Candy Cane Mug by FCM_Christmas
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U.S. Marine Ornament photosculpture
U.S. Marine Ornament by FCM_Christmas

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Richard Rizzo said...

Bad news: my dog woke me up at 3:am.
Good news: I haven't found any yet. :)

Firecrackinmama said...

Been there done that Richard. The problem is that I wasn't wearing slippers - bare footed if you know what I mean.