Friday, November 7, 2008

Veterans' Day

With the Iraq War and Afghanistan turmoil we are all more aware of the meaning of Veterans' Day. However it has been one of the most meaningful days forever to me. Although our immediate family has been spared the ultimate price paid by so many of our young men and women over the decades, my mother and father always remembered their military friends, family and neighborhood friends that paid that ultimate price in World War II. We always went to the parades, wore our poppies and waved our flags.

Now we don't live too far from one of the most famous Battleships in the US Naval Fleet:

Then it was our generation's turn with Vietnam. Again we were spared the heartache but remembered our childhood friends, family and neighbors who were lost in that war. We were forever patriotic. It was a terrible time and yet enlightening to how governments make things happen. And here we are again in debate as to whether we should be off to these foreign lands fighting because we anticipate that this war will keep terrorists from striking our homeland. I don't know whether it's right or wrong but this past summer in Santa Barbara makes me really wonder. Below is a memorial that has been constructed depicting each soldier that has been killed in Iraq with a cross and on many their picture. This was a very sobering moment.

However to even get to this stage many sacrifices were made during the infancy of our country. Below is a depiction I created in remembrance of our founding fathers.

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