Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shop, Save & Earn

I have belonged to this fabulous site for about 2 years now. When I first joined it was very basic and I notified a friend of mine who joined. A referral type system thingy. I also tried shopping but they were just getting started and the stores were far and few between. Since then I've stopped by every so often because each month PayPal was sending me an e-mail of earnings from that site.

Today I'm ready to do some Christmas shopping. I can tell you I'm not really excited about it because I still have this post traumatic stress condition from years past when we went into significant debt just to buy for everyone. I've scoured the newspapers for their big sales but I hate crowds so I'm not going out. So the next big thing is the Internet.

As I started on my shopping excursion I stopped by my PayPal account to check on what was happening there. Those of you who don't have one click on my PayPal thingy in the upper right hand side of this blog. You can't go wrong.

Low and behold what should I find but a nice deposit from my BigCrumbs!

I started wondering how I was doing over there so I checked it out. Wow has it changed and I really need to be more attentive. As of this posting I have been to BigDog and purchased two shirts for $14.99. One of those buy one get one free. Shipping is free for orders over $100. Mine was only $4.99 and it is UPS!

You can set up your account with favorite stores. Mine were very few because as I said before the site wasn't very big when I started. However now it seems that every store is there.

I'd like to continue with this post later and let you know how I do. Had to get it out early as many of the stores are still offering specials through tomorrow.

Can't hurt to check it out.

Have a Firecrackin great time Shopping, Saving and Earning!!

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