Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Keeping Up With The Jones'"

You know that old saying "Keeping up with the Jones'". I never knew why they chose the name Jones'. Maybe my grandparents knew a family called Jones and they were always buying something new. Anyhow no matter what name you may choose, some one is always trying to catch up to some one else.

My title should be "Keeping Up With My Sites". Do you know this morning I finally took some time to browse through the Famous Brands section. Wow! I have certainly been missing out on these items.

Mickey (Mickey & Friends) shirt
Mickey (Mickey & Friends) by Disney

There are tons of different Disney characters on tees, mousepads, mugs and of course you can order a print. You can find a sampling of some of the famous brands at Firecrackinmama's Famous Brands.

So if you want to impress family, friends or loved ones with a customized famous tee at an inexpensive price, you've found your place.

Zazzle has developed many partnerships. The ones I take seriously are the ones that allow gallery owners to promote and make a few pennies from helping out. Disney as always is a wonderful company that helps everyone out. I'm bias of course because I grew up with Mickey and the original Mousekateers.

One of my favorites as a teacher though are the Smilelies from Smileycentral. These stickers are great for kids and just as a joke for adults. Since it is almost the Season of Seasons I thought this sticker would be great for school teachers.

Or you can always make your own stickers!

Happy Holidays!

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