Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving

For years I never liked Thanksgiving but within the past five years I have really grown to like it. It's strange which holidays you select to be your favorite. Christmas and New Year's Eve are my favorite. Although I love the Fourth of July. My husband and youngest daughter love Thanksgiving. I believe my oldest daughter's favorite holiday is Ground Hog's Day with Christmas coming in second. My son, hmmm... he likes all the ones that have good food but if I had to take a guess I'd say his favorite is Christmas.

We're supposed to give Thanks on this special day. I know I'm thankful for many things. I also know that sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone and you've forgotten to be thankful. Many people today are in that boat. I always call it a learning lesson. Maybe that's where they got the new term of "Lifelong Learning".

I want to keep this on a light note though. On my way home yesterday I stopped to get my turkey.

Money is tight so it's at least a fresh turkey. :) I'm thankful for our turkey. I kept it in the cooler out on the deck because there wasn't any room for it in the refrigerator. It made it through the night without some strange creature stealing it. I always think of Christmas Story with Ralphy and Randy.

I guess there is only one way to put this Thanksgiving - Memorable.

You know you want to have a clean house for your guests. Well the only guest we were having is my mother but I still like a clean house. Many posts ago I mentioned that my husband is selling telephone systems for small businesses that is really cool. So that I could get a full understanding of the way it works he installed the system in our home. We now have to dial 9 plus the number - hmmm...

Anyhow we still had this white phone connected but no one was using it and my feeling was that it was getting in the way. So in the course of dusting I asked him if it was a necessity and his reply being no led to me removing it. Now to many that's no big deal. Shortly after I started disconnecting it, and I might add that it was a willing participant in this ordeal, the phone in the other room rang. My daughter's friend had called shortly before my task so I thought it was her calling again. However the conversation was a bit weird.

Upon conclusion of that phone call my daughter called into me asking if I had dialed 911. The call was from a 911 operator because of a 911 hangup. In the course of the conversation with the 911 operator and a police officer she had tried to explain that I was disconnecting a telephone and must have accidentally pushed quick dial. They really didn't care a police officer was headed our way.

Very embarrassing. However the officer was very handsome and appeared to be around my daughter's age. So being a holiday we did invite him to dinner. He graciously declined.

Other then that little bit of excitement dinner went off fine and we spent the evening watching the Eagles win at last!!

It's not too late to get a very special Season's Greeting card, gift and entertainment all in one. Check it out. Football fans will love it.

This is probably one of my best products that I sell locally. Within the stadium are 15 Santa hidden amongst the fans. One of my friends is a barber and puts his board up every year. He runs a 50-50 with half of the proceeds going to a charity. Another friend has requested a new board for her holiday guest. I now have 5 different boards.

Well I hope everyone else had a Firecrackin Great Thanksgiving!

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