Sunday, November 2, 2008

Firecrackinmama's Second Online Christmas Party

Yep, it's really that time of year again. Last year was so successful that I had to do this again but with a bit of a twist. I don't think it's as fancy but it is a lot easier and more user friendly. There are so many galleries to share that I know I didn't get them all by a long shot.

I wrote this poem last year and placed it on a postcard. It was a bit too long therefore the print was a bit too small. Hopefully you can read it because I think it says it all.

Naturally I have a link through my to get to the online party. There you'll also find ease in creating you own.

Since I'm working on getting everything set up today be sure to stop back within the next few weeks as more will be added!!


Richard Rizzo said...

wonderful poem, sometimes we all need a glass of cheer to get us started in the holiday season.

Firecrackinmama said...

Thanks Richard. It just struck me as an ideal way to Christmas shop.