Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Create Your Own For the Holidays

Or you can customize/personalize something you find.

I don't know about the rest of the world but I do know that money is tight around our house this year for the holidays. I keep hearing the entire world is in a mess and recession is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Well, you couldn't tell it from the malls, WallMart or Target.

For money being so scarce I can only say I've never seen so many people shopping. I hate going out shopping but during the past few weeks I've had to make the road trip to debt. That's because I'm a last minute shopper and didn't allow enough time to go on the Internet and let my fingers do the walking.

However WAKE-UP WORLD and don't do the same thing I did by procrastinating. Think ahead and shop early ONLINE!!!

This year Firecrackinmama's Second Online Party provides a sneak peak at FCM's Christmas and then a closer look at all the galleries through their Flash Panels of neat gifts and ideas at FCMParty. Everything or almost everything can be customized or personalized. Talent is endless as well as great gift ideas.

However if you are brave and adventurous you can design and create your own gifts!

Follow along here.
Christmas Cocktail Ornament photosculpture
Christmas Cocktail Ornament by totallypainted

The above item will be cut out just as it is designed. It is really an ornament, wall hanging or a neat gift tag if you sign it on the back. Better yet you can specify whether you would like to have this design as a pin, keychain, magnet or sculpture. Really, really a unique idea with hundreds of different designs to choose from or design your own!

Below are typical ornaments. They are flat but beautiful. I've purchased them and the recipients have been extremely happy with their gifts.

Christmas Tree Snow Globe Ornament photosculpture
Christmas Tree Snow Globe Ornament by FCM_Christmas

To have any of the sports ornaments customized/personalized contact Firecrackinmama.

To customize the following ornament, just follow the directions and upload one of your own photos.

When ordering as magnets please be aware that a magnetic strip is added to the back. The back is not an entire magnet. I was a bit surprised by that when I purchased this last year.

So I changed it into a wall hanging.

Remember to Use Your Pictures - Don't Abuse Them by hiding them in albums, boxes or lost files on your computer.

Also: One picture is worth a million words!

Have a Firecrackin Good Day!

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