Friday, October 3, 2008

Road To The World Series Prediction



I know this because 8 years ago my youngest daughter left for the University of Southern California and never came home. You may ask what does that have to do with the World Series? Of course I'm going to tell you - She's a TRAITOR!!! We went out to visit her this past summer. It was a great visit. She got tickets for the Phillies vs Dodgers game. My husband was so excited. Well so was I. I packed my Phillies hat and jersey (Utley). I was ready to show my allegiance to our City of Brotherly Love Team.

The night before the game we had gone out to dinner with friends of hers. They all decided we should go bowling afterward at some lanes that were just down the street from where they lived. My husband and I were game. However when we got there the lanes were closed for a shooting of the TV show The Sarah Connor Show or something like that. We started walking back up to my daughter's apartment when we passed a couple of security guards. In case you didn't know by now I talk to everyone.

Now we were somewhat disappointed so I told the security guard that we had come cross country just to bowl at those lanes. With that short comment we learned that he was originally from NJ (not really because he was from North NJ) and if that wasn't bad enough he was a Mets fan. So up came the subject of our going to the Phillies/Dodgers game. Naturally I had to tell him I was prepared with my gear. Then the let down. At first he thought that was great but when we told him we were sitting out in the pavillion, he said that I should NOT wear anything that indicated we were Phillies' fans. I didn't think any fans could be worse than Phillie fans but I learned quickly that I was wrong.

For once I listened to my daughter and my husband and only went armed with my camera. There were some daredevils who wore their Phillies' gear. Yep, down to the right of us in much better seats but still in the outfield. We had good seats too as we had a front row view of the fight that broke out among the 5 or 6 Phillies' fans and the thousands of Dodgers' fans. And those who sat out in the Pavillion with their Phillies' gear - they were Firecrackin abused.

I have to say that it bothered me to see all that, but what was even worse was that before the game my own flesh and blood bought a Dodgers' jersey and sat right next to me the whole game! Now that is just Boomin wrong!! Other then that we had a grand time. Hot dogs and beer with cheer, but in the end the Phillies lost.

The parking lot at Dodgers' Stadium

Now you won't see anything like that in Philly.

And here's my tribute to our wonderful champions!

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Sam said...

You should wear your Phillies gear to Busch Stadium... next season... :(

Looks like the Phils are about to oust the Brewers, though, so an early (hopefully not premature) congrats on that!