Monday, October 27, 2008

World Series - Game Four- My Adventure!

If you have been following my posts you know the story that I put claims on the World Series game the first day my husband came home with the post season tickets. The kids laughed thinking that they were going to see the playoffs and I wasn't going to see anything. Hello??

I do feel somewhat bad as 2 out of the 3 kids did see a playoff game. The first playoff game my husband invited his buddie that shares the season tickets. The second set of tickets we had he took my oldest daughter as she wasn't going to be around for the game 6 of the playoffs. That left my son to go to that game if it was to be. As we all know it wasn't.

Meanwhile on the other coast - yeah - CA - my other daughter had tickets to game 5 or whatever it was. She saw that game. She's a traitor though, wore Dodger's gear. Her friend was going to give her up but fortunately didn't. And sadly, my son didn't get to see a game. Do I feel guilty - maybe a little - he still has a chance to see another Philly World Series - me - not.

Now for my World Series adventure!

Normally we drive over to the stadium and park but this time my husband (I have to tell you he takes such good care of me) thought we should take the subway. Now all of you from Phily will have some laughs. I am clueless on where I'm going in Philly if I drive, walk or even take the train. Maybe some of you have even faced me and given me directions. However I do better when I'm lost in Philly then if I'm lost in Camden. They send the police out for me when I'm lost in Camden and that's the God's honest truth. Another story another time. This is my special night!

Ok, now we are in Philly and parking somewhere around 17th and Locust. My husband had this place in mind for dinner. It was right across the way from where we parked.

It was unique and of course I was his date. We entered and the first thing everyone looks for is whether you seat yourself or wait. Why of course we were to wait! Duh? However after two groups seated themselves we attempted but... Yo! you have to be seated. Breathe two times and Wow we got a seat. But who really cares about all that? Was the food good? Was the enthusiasm for the Phillies Boomin? Was the World Series on the minds of this neat little tucked away pub? Of course!

Overwhelmed by the hipe of the Eagles (of course this is football season) they were only happy to serve the fans whomever they were food and drink. The food was the best. My husband had their delicious hamburger and I had a sliced pork sandwich with hot peppers. Can't say enough about the Chardnay I ordered either. Wish I had asked again what it was. First time I had a Charnay in a long time that was not only chilled to perfection but really met my taste. Hmmm...Great start to a great night!

Off to the subway. My husband had already purchased the tokens. He and my daughter had gone over to the stadium and purchased all our World Series shirts etc. and our tokens.

This is always exciting to me. I never know which side of the platform I'm to stand on. Tonight however they were marked, "Express" and "Local". Everyone must have had the same idea as us about taking the train in to the ball park because both sides of the platform were wall to wall people. We stood on the express side and after watching two locals stop and pick up people we knew they weren't running the express train. So the third local that pulled in we scrambled to see how many people could fit into one car. A lot!

You can just feel the electricity in the air as everyone headed up to the street.

We were greeted at the top of the stairs by Septa as they wanted to give us a gift for taking the train.

On to the ball park!

And then the game itself!

Joe the pitcher hit a homerun, Howard hit two homeruns, and Werth hit one too. The rally towels were in constant motion throughout the game. I'm not sure why we bought a seat as we stood almost the entire game. One game to go.

We sat around for a bit after the 10 - 2 romp to just soak it all up. What a night to remember. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. We were so happy that we hadn't had tickets for Saturday night's game - Yuck.

The only complaint I had about our seats was that we were on the wrong side of the park and under the upper section so I wasn't able to take pictures of the fireworks. However as we were walking to the train some enthusiastic fans set some off in the parking lot. See?

By the time we reached our car, fans had already set up rally sights. Everyone was honking their horns, yelling and trying to get high fives while moving.

Naturally after such an experience you have to have some memorabilia. Here's mine:

All I can say is

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

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