Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's The...

No, not the beef. Where's the paper that has all my passwords??!!!

I hear my husband's voice in my head as I write this, "You should have put that information in Outlook's notes." Yes, should have, could have, didn't have. Fortunately I have my Blog set to remember me. I learned that after I had to open 3 blog sites on Word Press, none of which I've been able to access after writing one blog, and in reality I think I have another one here on Blogger too that was accessed only one time. Hope this Blog doesn't decide not to remember me because at the moment this could be the last one HERE!!!!

I'm sure after I have my second cup of coffee I'll feel more like digging through the 3 feet of mess in my house to try and locate the book with the paper of all my passwords. For now I'll just enjoy the first cup and chat. Ugh!

It's not that I'm really a messy housekeeper and the house is clean enough for the animals to live in it and my 88 year old mother to visit. It's that I was asked at work last week to do a workshop on Rubrics. You can check out what Rubrics are here. I'll be posting a bit more later this weekend. Right now I'm all Rubriced (I don't think that's a word, but too bad) out. Anyhow because I was preparing for that, the house became an absolute mess with everyone else feeling free to just drop their things as they came in, leave the dirty dishes where they fell, and go about their business. It's 4:30 am. Do you think I should wake them up and yell, "OK, git down here and clean up your junk or I'm throwing it away!!!" Or should I just bag it up with my mess and put it out for trash Monday? Hmm... Too much work either way. Think I'll just stay here and moan and groan about it.

I agree, enough of this ranting. On with the WEEKEND!!!! It's time to DESIGN - heck with the house!

After a week of not designing one thing I have is a thousand designs that I'd like to do. Now, where to start.

Last weekend I finally decided to open another Gallery specializing in my favorite time of the year - Christmas. I've always loved Christmas and I still do, but not the foggy feeling of Christmas day after being up all night Christmas Eve when the kids were little or paying off the bills for the rest of the year. What I liked the most was decorating the house, enjoying the smell of Christmas, you know the musty smell of the ornaments that had spent the year in the basement, the pine scented candles, the live tree, cookies baking, the turkey, oh yeah, can't beat that. We also developed traditions like watching Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation the day after Thanksgiving, George Scott in The Christmas Carol several times before the big day and of course Christmas Story on Christmas morning. Poor Ralphy. Church on Christmas Eve was always a biggy too. Good memories.

Off topic again, I know. So anyhow I'll be working on my new FCM_Christmas Gallery filling it with a lot of things I already have at Firecrackinmama's Zazzle. I found Firecrackinmama's Zazzle was getting really big and the menu was becoming a worm hole. You have to click on holidays, go to Christmas, and then click on the specific item category. That drives me nuts. It's like working in my files on my desktop. Although I file everything so I'm suppose to easily find it - I NEVER can! Hmm... Maybe my book with my passwords jumped into my computer and is now floating somewhere in cyberspace.

Well, I was interrupted so I'm finishing this up late. Just to let you know I did find my passwords! Boom! Boom! Boom!

So to put this to sleep tonight I'll be planning on designing a new business card tomorrow. I started off using business cards but then I always forgot to take them with me or when I was talking to someone I would forget to give them a card. I fixed that poor marketing habit real quick. Instead of using business cards, I used postcards and do they work well? You bet!!

I guess I'll have to decide whether to do cards or postcards. By the way don't forget Firecrackinmama's Online Halloween Party! Everyone is invited!

If you're having your own Halloween Party we have plenty of really cool invitations. Be sure to check them out!

If after you check the many more fun invitations, cards, gifts, and trick or treat canvas bags, you don't find something you like then feel free to Create Your Own

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