Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekends - Two Fastest Days of the Week

My head is still spinning from this weekend and it's not because of partying. No, it's because I wanted to do so many things but didn't have enough time to do any of them. It seems I spent so much time trying to decide what I wanted to do first that Monday rolled around and, wow, it was a holiday. Oh, no!

Yep, even on Monday I was trying to decide what I could do with those few hours left of free time. That was taken care of real quick though. Our microwave broke so off to Wall Mart for a new one, home in time to pick my mother up, fix dinner, watch Wheel of Fortune, take my mom home and, and, and the Phillies vs. Dodgers - WE WON!!! One game closer to me going to the World Series!!!

After Saturday night's game there was a lot of tension here but the Flying Hawaiian did it again!

Phillies are off tonight but tomorrow night? My traitor daughter will be at that game. :) Let's just hope we can pull it off and be on to the World Series. However my son won't be very happy because if the teams should return to Philly, he and my husband were going to that playoff game.

We only have one set of tickets to one World Series Game and I claimed that with my husband. They all laughed at me saying it wasn't going to happen. Now who's laughing and booming?
Boom! Boom! Boom!

Go Phillies!!!

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