Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween - Boooooooo!

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Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Even when I was little we used to dress up and try to fool the neighbors. We were only allowed to visit houses in our neighborhood. It was back in a time when all the nasty things that happen today, didn't happen. Yes, it was during the days of Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver and the Donna Reed Show.

I think about those days quite often. Life seemed so much simpler then. Just think, mothers stayed at home and took care of the house, raised the kids and depended on their husbands to give them an allowance. Guys had it good. They got up in the morning put on their clean clothes, ate a great breakfast, went to work, came home to a delicious dinner and then read the newspaper. Although they were being filled in on the happenings of the day over the dinner table, where by the way everyone sat and ate, they ignored what they heard. What's wrong with that picture?

Ok, I'm off topic again. At any rate I grew up in a single parent home. Our life might have been like that but my father passed away when I was young. So I learned young to take care of myself and have fun. I guess nowadays I'd have been arrested for some of the mischief I helped create.

Like Mischief night. While the streets of Camden were being set on fire, we were throwing toilet paper and soaping windows. The best though was inserting a pin in one of our neighbor's doorbell and propping a clothes prop against the door so they couldn't open it. Actually that neighbor had two doors with a bell and we did both doors. They had to climb out a window!

We had a nice group of kids on our street with only about 4-5 years differences in age. The families had lived in their houses for years. I don't think anyone ever moved. So when Halloween came around it became a competition among us kids to see who would require the longest time to be guessed. Some of the costumes were great.

One year I went dressed as half man and half woman and that wasn't a front and back thing. My mother helped me sew the costume together. When we got older, high school, we still dressed and went door to door. The funniest of those times was when my husband, his sister and her boyfriend and I dressed up. The guys dressed as girls and we girls dressed as guys. No one guessed us. The guys made some pretty good looking girls. Cross dressing back then wasn't heard of.

Then when I had kids the real fun began. They and their friends still talk about the fun and scary times they have had at our house. I don't have the energy or interest anymore. Most of the kids that come to our door are there just for the treat. God forbid you don't have a treat as your house will be trashed. Very few dress up. They just come in their tees and jeans without a mask.

That's not all bad though. Now it just may be more fun because many people have resorted to having Halloween Parties. Costume companies are doing very well and people are back to dressing up to really trick in order to win a door prize.

Obviously if you're thinking of hosting a Halloween party, you need decorations and of course invitations. The inside is as cool as the front and many come with matching postage.

For more invitations check out Firecrackinmama's Halloween Invitations.

 Happy Halloween mug

Happy Halloween

How about Halloween mugs that can be customized with your guests' names. Or if you don't like what you might find in the many galleries at Firecrackinmama's Online Halloween Party then feel free to design your own!

Stickers have multiple uses. Use them to seal an envelope, as name tags or to decorate.

I love t-shirts and wish that I could be as creative as some that are at my party. Like these:

And don't be left out of going green. Many of the galleries are offering canvas bags for trick and treaters.

There are so many other items of interest that you have to see for yourself. So come on, come on over to Firecrackinmama's Online Halloween Party!

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