Sunday, August 17, 2008

You're Invited

We've all been invited to hostess parties. If it wasn't Tupperware it was The Pampered Chef or Illuminations. I really dread going to those types of parties. Just give me that catalog and I'll order from that. Well, last Friday night I was invited to a Pickle Party. My daughter's best friend was hosting it so I had no way out. You may be asking yourself the same question I did when I was first invited, what's a Pickle Party?

Let's see we all gather at this house and twenty different brands of pickles are available for us to taste test? I'm not sure that wine would be the drink to cleanse your taste buds on this one. Oh, maybe someone has come up with a different type of pickle? A purple or red pickle? Or perhaps we are having a social gathering to discuss someone who is in a pickle? Nope, none of the above thank God.

It was a hostess party though. However it was new to me and I truly had a good time. This party was along the lines of something I've always loved: pocketbooks. Like shoes are to some people, pocketbooks are to me. I don't often change purses. Generally I'll carry the same one around for a couple of years but I'm always looking.

This is the Pickle Pocketbook my daughter bought from a previous party:

As you can see it is very cute and has the pickle logo on it. You are able to choose how many pockets you want inside and whether you prefer zippers to open pockets as well as the pocketbook itself. The lining is an adorable poke-a-dot fabric.

She has carried it around all summer and of course took it to the party. I was surprised at how many others already had a Pickle Pocketbook. At any rate I thought this pattern was so cute that I designed a pair of women's pumps to match.

My daughter wasn't really impressed that I had done this but it appears that Zazzle was very pleased as they gave a red ribbon for today's best. Now I can't wait to get my new Pickle Pocketbook as I'm going to make myself a matching pair of pumps.

We were fortunate to have the owner of the company present to us on Friday night. Amazingly enough she has a store right in Philadelphia. The name of the company is Viv Pickle. Everyone should stop by her site and take a look at the amazing job she does. I'm headed back shortly to see if my fabric is on the site. If it is, I'm going to design my pumps tonight!

Actually I should have a Pickle Party but as I mentioned earlier I don't like to go to them nor do I like to host them. That is why I have my Firecrackinmama Online Parties.

Speaking of which don't forget to stop by Firecrackinmama's Online Halloween Party for all kinds of goodies!!

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Nicole said...

That's totally great that you got the TBA!

And that purse is awesome as well - haven't heard of them before.

Sorry for not answering your mail yesterday, was in a creating flush ;)