Sunday, August 10, 2008

Look What I Found In The Middle Of LA

Ok, I've busted on LA as being one big bumper car arena and parking lot with "I don't know what attracts people to stay here". I've commented on the scenery away from the city proper and of course the climate. It doesn't rain in California as far as I know. But on Friday I found something that you would never find in the tri-state area:

Yep, you can rent horses and see those mountains in the back? Well, it is all open country, right here in Burbank which as far as I know is part of LA!

No, I didn't go riding but I did think about it. The last time I went riding I bounced up and down so much that I couldn't walk for days. Even had bruises.

There's the beginning of the trail. On one side of that fence there is a busy city and on this side of the fence you can see for yourself. Maybe the next time we come to Burbank I'll bring a lot of toilet paper to stuff in my pants and go take a gander at what's in those hills. After all when I was little I watched every cowboy show on Saturday mornings and wished I could be there. Now look I'm here and too old to play. I still have my cowboy Saturday's though.

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