Saturday, August 9, 2008

LA From the Back Seat

I've been to LA several times and am quite fascinated by the way native Californians drive. It appears to me that the highways are just one great big bumper car arena where everyone avoids being bumped. Speed is of no concern, drivers are either going 80 mph or 25 mph and less. Either open highway or traffic that has no beginning and no ending.

The other oddity here is that pedestrians have rules on crossing the roads and if they don't obey them, they'll be reprimanded by drivers' horns whether the driver is close enough to hit them or spotting them from way down the street. It appears as though Jay walking is a no no and whatever you do, don't cross until the little white icon pops up.

I'm going to guess that my daughter is a native Californian now. She's lived here for quite some time and seems to drive like everyone else. Although I don't know the number of years you have to live here to become one, she's been here for 8 years and loves it. Hmmm... I'm still trying to figure out what it is she loves here. I think mainly the climate and when out of the city, the views.

We went on a road trip with her the other day. She had to run an errand to her workplace. I rode in the back seat with my little camera ready to snap some pictures. Searching for perfect shots kept my mind off of other cars attempting to ram us and from her instantaneous moves from one lane to another. Thank God for the carpooling lane! Mind you in southern NJ the scenery along our expressways aka freeways is not the best but it is different from LA scenery.

We definitely do not have any tunnels to pass through in major cities.

Then LA through the sun roof:

LA from the side window:

We don't see mountains along the roads as we travel in NJ either. All in all it is certainly an adrenaline high when you travel on the freeways in LA. So those of you who may be like me and need a distraction, take your camera and look for some good shots.

I took many more beautiful shots. I'm busy now putting together our vacation in Burbank via LA. You'll be able to view them at Firecrackinmama's so come on by!

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